Detail #1
Top Right

The spinning form at the top right of the drawing
the face of a heavenly clock
the flow of truth in time
of half lives and timelessness.
The heavens’ presence of stars and depth
spin with silent breath
as surfers ride the waves and almond trees bloom.

The Haphtarah for Ha’azinu, Samuel 22:11, speaks of the Presence riding,
“on the wings of the wind.”
From the distance, unseen but sensed,
the wings of the wind arise as isobars
the lines of constant pressure.

The small letter ‘hay’ in the center of stars and distant daylight heavens
corresponds to the poetic Torah text of Ha’azinu that contains a small ‘hay’
and large ‘hay.’
The small ‘hay’ sends it’s silent pulse
it flows an unseen river into the land.
It emanates energy of magnetism and
a fire of electrical charge.

The mother wears a pomegranate crown
her hands are full of honey dripping golden into fresh milk.
A Hoopoe bird watches her.
“God set them atop the highlands, to feast on the yield of the earth; nursing
them with honey from the crag...” (Deuteronomy 32:13).

The father raises his hands, juggles bees and is not stung.
The clouds echo the shapes of stones as all things are connected.
One of the clouds contains information.

Hoards of people have crossed the Jordan and walk along its shore and
around the Sea of Galilee. A bunker once used to shoot at the Jews below
is dark and abandoned. A memorial rock riddled with bullet holes rests by
carob pods full of seeds.

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