Detail #3
Bottom Left

The ancient olive tree is in full fruit. Dew clings to every blade of grass.

The people enjoy the water of the Dead Sea
the lowest place
humility of earth.
Those sitting on the edge
contemplate the heavens
the explorer
the cells
the atom.

An old key dangles by a Mandelbrot set.
There is no up or down near or far.
The dream ladder rests on space.
Planets, distant stars and stones
all witness the Jews’ journey home.

A dodecahedron floats in a no-place
as the ten tribes show their face.

The desert blooms for the people:
cyclamen, anemone, and tiny golden star shaped blooms
arise from the dry cracked Negev.

Assumptions are transformed
the Western Wall floats high
with dreams of millions
written on scraps
prayers in cracks.

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